Course Materials

                                        From 1986 to 1999 I was a professor of International Political Economy.
                                        I taught at Columbia and Harvard until 1994, but those courses never had webpages
                                        because very few people used the web or had browsers (it was necessary then to
                                        download and install a program called Mosaic to browse html). I began to put
                                        course materials online in 1994, when I moved to the University of Arizona.
                                        Please remember that these pages were from the first years of the web, so when you
                                        see a page full of animated .gif files and midi backgrounds, gimme a break!

  • POL 360 -- International Political Economy

  • POL 454 -- Theories of International Relations

  • POL 120 -- Introduction to International Relations

  • POL 120 H-- Honors Section of Introduction to International Relations

  • POL 362 -- Dead Greeks and Surf Nazis

  • POL 576 -- Graduate Seminar on IPE